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Iesaki StarTech C14 - C13 30cm (PXT1001)

StarTech C14 - C13 30cm (PXT1001) StarTech C14 - C13 30cm (PXT1001) StarTech C14 - C13 30cm (PXT1001) StarTech C14 - C13 30cm (PXT1001)
Extend your power cord connections by up to 1ft

The PXT1001 C14 to C13 Power Extension Cord features a female plug that connects to your monitor, printer etc. and a male connector that plugs into another power cord, allowing you to extend the connection distance between your devices and power outlet by up to 1ft.

Expertly designed and constructed of high quality materials, this AC power cord is backed by our Lifetime Warranty.

The StarTech.com Advantage

- Extend the connection between your peripheral devices (monitors, printers etc.) and power outlet by up to 1ft
- Provides a high quality replacement for worn-out or missing power cords
- Backed by StarTech.com lifetime warranty
Savienotājs 1
C14 coupler
Savienotājs 2
C13 coupler
Gender type
Strāvas vada garums
3 m
0.5 kg
Ieejas spriegums
110 - 240
Iepakojuma platums
7 mm
Iepakojuma dziļums
5 cm
Iepakojuma augstums
12,1 cm
RoHS atbilstība
Ieejas strāva
Jacket material
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
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