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Iesaki TerraTec DVB-T Cinergy mini Stick HD - 145259

TerraTec DVB-T  Cinergy mini Stick HD - 145259 TerraTec DVB-T  Cinergy mini Stick HD - 145259 TerraTec DVB-T  Cinergy mini Stick HD - 145259
Simply plug the CINERGY Mini Stick HD into a USB port on your computer, install the driver and software from our website and just like that, the world of mobile TV is open to you. The CINERGY Mini Stick HD includes everything you need to turn your laptop, netbook or desktop computer into a television with built-in videorecorder and many other functions - a mini rod antenna for mobile DVB-T reception and a remote control are included. No batteries required.
Watch TV everywhereAlong with your laptop or netbook, the CINERGY Mini Stick HD opens up completely new opportunities. No matter of you want to see the latest stock exchange news at work, watch a current series with friends in your garden or a football game in the park after kicking a ball around with the lads - you can now do all of this very easily. The CINERGY Mini Stick HD is as small as a USB stick and comes with everything you need for mobile DVB-T reception. Nothing stands in the way of ultra-mobile television reception in all DVB-T reception zones anymore. Of course, you can also simply plug the CINERGY Mini Stick HD into your desktop computer - in no time at all, you have a second TV in your home.
Recording on hard drive and timeshifting TV programsThe TV-software turns television on the computer into an experience. You can easily record the program that is in progress to your computer`s hard drive and can later burn all episodes of your favourite series to a DVD. Timeshifting is very useful indeed. If your Sunday mystery has already begun and the pizza delivery man ring the doorbell, simply pause the program that is in progress at the touch of a button - and after the interruption pick up right where you left off! The built-in electronic program guide (EPG) and the familiar teletext make the personal TV planning easier than ever.
1,43 cm
3,5 cm
8 mm
Iepakojuma augstums
17,5 cm
Iepakojuma platums
3,5 cm
Iepakojuma dziļums
12,5 cm
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TV tūnera tips
Tālvadības pults
Interfeisa tips
Teleteksta funkcija
Windows OS atbalsts
USB uzlāde
Plug & Play
Minimālais procesors
2.0 Ghz
RoHS atbilstība
Video uzņemšana
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