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Iesaki Tribe 16GB STARWARS TFA Poe - FD030505

Tribe 16GB STARWARS TFA Poe - FD030505 Tribe 16GB STARWARS TFA Poe - FD030505
When we first meet Poe Dameron, the feisty Resistance fighter pilot, he has been captured by the First Order on the planet of Jakku. Poe is fearless and resourceful, and it isn’t long before he breaks free from his captors and makes it back to his own Resistance base to fight another day! Take this hero from The Force Awakens with you wherever you go, now in USB flash drive form!
STAR WARS USB FLASH DRIVES COLLECTIONA long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... The number one star saga in the world is back! Grab your laser swords because there will be no truce. Who will save the Galaxy from the Dark Side? Sixteen USB flash drives divided into two groups - Light Side and Dark Side. Collect them all!
16 GB
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USB 2.0
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USB versija
USB 2.0
USB connector
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