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Iesaki Trodat 11x7cm czerwona

Trodat 11x7cm czerwona Trodat 11x7cm czerwona
Trodat hand stamp pads are optimally adjusted to the user's needs — they dispense exactly the required amount of ink and guarantee perfect imprints. Stamp pads are available in black, blue, red, green and violet. All Trodat standard stamp inks guarantee impressions which will last for decades.
PERFECT IMPRINTWith the use of Trodat stamp pads you can be sure that your stamps will continually deliver clean and uniform imprints which will last for decades.
ECONOMICALTrodat hand stamp pads are suitable for any climate. They never dry out. Your stamp can be used flawlessly for a long time.
TRODAT FINGERPRINT PADThe Trodat fingerprint pad guarantees a high number of sharp-contoured, durable fingerprints on paper. At the same time, the ink can be very easily washed off of fingers. The ink pad is available in black and of course it's free of hazardous substances.
11 cm
7 cm
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1 pcs
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