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Iesaki Verbatim CDR SUPER AZO 48X

Verbatim CDR SUPER AZO 48X Verbatim CDR SUPER AZO 48X Verbatim CDR SUPER AZO 48X Verbatim CDR SUPER AZO 48X
Verbatim CD-R/RW uses MKM/Verbatim's technology which ensures any recording to be of a superior quality. Mitsubishi Chemical's R&D combined with its strong coorperation with drive manufacturers ensures the broad compatibility of Verbatim's discs making them ideal for sharing computer data, home videos, photos and music. From Europe's Number 1* for recordable media
* SCCG CD/DVDR '03 - '09.
CD-R is a recordable disc providing 700MB capacity. Compliant with Orange Book Part II Version 3 specifications. The 'mechanical specifications' of Verbatim media are very precise, and data written to it can be read in a wide range of drives. As a result, Verbatim discs demonstrate a high level of compatibility between drives running at a wide range of speeds.
Superior resistance to UV irradiation. Archival Life: Extra Protection - up to 40 years; AZO - up to 100 years. Lowest error rate against a range of CD writers.
Five different coloured surfaces provide options for categorisation. Can be written on with a CD/DVD marker pen.
Optiskā diska diametrs
12 cm
Iepakojuma tips
Slaids korpuss
Ierakstīšanas laiks
80 min
Sākotnējā ietilpība
700 MB
CD rakstīšanas ātrums
Ierakstīšanas materiāls
Cyanine/Azo Dye
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