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Iesaki Verbatim BD-R DL 6X 50GB 10PACK JC

Verbatim BD-R DL 6X 50GB 10PACK JC Verbatim BD-R DL 6X 50GB 10PACK JC
The advent of Blu-ray technology has led to the introduction of high capacity storage discs to meet the demand cause by the rapid growth of high definition television (HDTV).Blu-ray discs get their name from blue laser technology. The shorter wavelength of the laser is the reason it is blue in colour. The blue laser has a wavelength of 405nm compared with the wavelength of 650nm for DVD which utilises red laser technology. The benefit of having a blue laser with a shorter wavelength means it is possible to write smaller data pits and therefore vastly increase the amount of data on the disc.Blu-ray discs offer 3 to 5 times the storage capacity of a standard recordable DVD disc, enabling the recording, rewriting and playback of high definition video (HD).For use only in drives or recorders that support 25GB/50GB Blu-ray Discs without cartridge.This is a disc with 50GB capacity on a single side compliant with Blu-ray Disc Alliance specifications.Laser Wavelength: 405nm.Hard Coat protective layer.Extremely long archival life.Excellent playback performance.BD-R is for use in BD writers and recorders. The Wide White Inkjet disc has a white surface for inkjet printing up to the hub with printable diameter 21-118mm.
Sākotnējā ietilpība
50 GB
Optiskā diska diametrs
12 cm
Iepakojuma tips
Disku vāciņi
Ierakstīšanas lāzera viļņa garums
405 nm
BD-R rakstīšanas ātrums
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