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Iesaki walimex ND-Fader 77 mm +2 bis +8 Blenden

walimex ND-Fader 77 mm +2 bis +8 Blenden
Ideal for landscape photographyThe ND fader by walimex ensures an even dim-out of the picture. It reduces the amount of light and by doing that also extends the shutter speed by +2 to +8 f-stops. The fader unites several ND filters, and as adjusting is possible steplessly, it allows an even finer tuning than one filter would allow. It makes longer exposure times possible, giving you a wiping or flowing effect in long exposure shots. With it, e.g., flowing water looks very soft or like flowing fog.
Perfectly suited for videographyIn order to react quickly to different lighting situations in videography, the ND fader is an extremely convenient helper. That way, you don?t need three or four filters, but just one which makes this process a lot easier and quicker allowing you to be much more flexible in your work.
Excellent workmanshipThe ND fader has great optical characteristics. The high-quality glass lenses are inserted in a precisely manufactured metal frame. The filter comes with an additional inside thread which allows you to use additional filters. As it unites several neutral density filters, it is a particularly compact solution for photographers and videographers. It is stored in a protective case, which protects the filter from harmful UV rays and that way extends its lifetime considerably.
Filtra izmērs
77 mm
Skaits iepakojumā
Filtra veids
Neutral density
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