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Iesaki walimex Faltreflektor gold/silber, 91x122cm

walimex Faltreflektor gold/silber, 91x122cm
For more flexibilityDue to the various covers, you always have everything with you for using every light situation. That way you are more flexible in your work.
Versatile fields of useThe reflector with a golden coating is very well-suited for portrait photography or as effect or high light. Due to its color it creates a warm light characteristic and a romantic mood. Photographers can hardly imagine portrait and product photography without the silver reflector. It creates an incomparably hard and cool light characteristic.
Oval shapeDue to their shape, oval reflectors are perfectly suited for portrait photography, when the whole body is to be brightened up. By deforming the set-up reflector, you can direct the light even better.
High-quality workmanshipThe foldable reflector is excellent quality. Its canvassed, extra-strong spring ring guarantees smooth and wrinkle-free reflection surfaces. Used as a background, the time spent on post-production is therefore reduced. The fabric carrying bag protects the reflector from dirt. The reflector can be folded to a very small transport size and can therefore be taken anywhere.
- several covers for more flexibility- golden coating for warm light characteristic- silver coating for hard and cool light characteristic- with canvassed extra strong spring ring- foldable- oval shape- ideal for portrait photography for brightening up the entire model- directing of the light by deforming the reflector- very small transport size- incl. fabric carrying bag
Zelts, Sudrabs
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