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Iesaki Walther Grindy 10x15 Mini MA200

Walther Grindy             10x15 Mini                       MA200
For practically thinking users the pocket album is ideal. The albums are available in an enormous choice of designs.
Simple handling with many pictures without stickers and corners at a low price level. We make a difference between pocket and memo albums. The first category does not offer any writing space, the second one does.
All these albums are available in several photo sizes from 9x13 cm (3.5x5 in.) to 13x18 cm (5x7 in.) and a capacity between 24 and 400 prints.
Melna, Pelēka
Maksimālā ietilpība
36 lapas
Papīra izmērs (1 loksne)
10 x 15 cm
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